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Storage System (SILO)

Storage Equipment Outline

Types and Definition of Storage Tank

  • 1) Hopper : installed for storage and for purpose of making uniform the speed and direction of the flow (used as buffer function)
  • 2) Bin : installed for control of quantity change during processes and to store for a comparatively short time (hour or day) and has the function of hopper too
  • 3) Silo : big container with main purpose of storing for a long time (week or month)

General Characteristics of the Storage Tank

  • 1) By separately classifying 입분체, it must be efficiently collected and stored in that state
  • 2) Transportation cost of raw material and product cost must be possible
  • 3) It has the better storage ability compared to other warehouses and is not limited by the location
  • 4) The equipment cost per storage amount is small
  • 5) The insertion, emission and storage control can be done automatically
  • 6) Simple pressurization, incubation and damp-proof work is possible
  • 7) The change, decomposition, damage, insect damage, wind damage can be prevented
  • 8) As part of the process of manufacturing production system, integration is easy and labor saving is possible

Things to Consider when Designing

Thing to Consider when Designing

  • 1) Storage amount
  • 2) Required ingredients and standard construction level
  • 3) Powder ikon (granularity, 진비 weight, specific weight of appearance, temperature, moisture absorption, deliquescence, cohesiveness, stickiness, degeneration properties, electrification, explosiveness, abrasion, crushing, non-acid, toxicity, corrosive, angle of repose, internal friction angle, liquidity etc.)
  • 4) Types and weight of facilities needed
  • 5) Weight (loaded weight, snow load)
  • 6) Ground strength, bearing
  • 7) Operation conditions of up-stream and down-stream
  • 8) Feed and discharge conditions
  • 9) Pressure conditions influencing the insides
  • 10) Operation temperature
  • 11) Entrance and exit degree
  • 12) Accident type and disposal method just incase
  • 13) Whether silo accessory is needed and its types

Storage Equipment Design

Silo Sizing

  • 1) The Silo size must be decided to satisfy the storage purpose and must consider the appropriate relationship of height which minimizes construction costs
  • 2) The relationship between Silo Dia. and height is applied as H=2.62*D and the height H refers to the height of the straight of the Silo.
  • 3) Deciding the cone angle
    Cone angle is decided by the angle of repose of the material and if angle of repose is ∝. Cone angle = 180-2∝*K and K is the factor decided by the material. It is decided within the scope of K=1.0-1.5 and even if the material is too sticky and has the worst conditions, it is good to apply the angle of repose as 50-60 (even if it becomes k=1.5 or more due to material, it is applied as k=1.5 max) and to apply additional supplementary device
  • 4) The space of the upper part of Silo according to the operation conditions or feed conditions must be sufficiently considered.
  • 5) If fed by the conveying, the Silo Dia. Must be considered according to the size of the bag filter or whether it is stuck by itself.


  • - Air emitting devices such as Bag Filter(Vent Filter), Cyclone
  • - Explosion preventing devices such as Explosion Door/Pressure Blance Valve/N2 Gas/Spray System
  • - Measuring devices such as Loadcell Weighting & Level Switch/Transmitter
  • - Emission assisting devices that has used Vibrator/Fluidizer/Bin Activator
  • - Emitting devices such as Loading Spout, Rotary Valve, Packer

Configuration, Characteristics and Use of Silo

Silo의 형상, 특징, 용도에 대한 테이블
Configuration Related Formula Characteristics Use
Hopper Type S = D
H = 2.62D
H+S = 3.62D
1. Most general
2. Supported by leg
1. General Single Type
2. Gold Panel Storage Tank
3. Chemical Manufacturing Use
Skirt Type S = D
H = 2.62D
H+S = 3.62D
1. Supported by long skirt 1. Crop Use, Chemical Manufacturing Use
2. Concrete Storage Tank
Flat Bottom Type Flat Bottom Type
H = D
1. Height and Dia. is the same 1. Large Capacity Storage Use of Powder such as Cement and Alumina

Silo Design


Explosion Prevention Device

  • 1. Explosion Door
  • 2. Pressure Balance Valve
  • 3. N2 Gas Insertion Equipment
  • 4. Spray System

Emitting (assistance) Device

  • 1. Vibrator/Fluidizer/Bin Activator
  • 2. Loading Chute/Rotary Valve
  • 3. Air Slide
  • 4. Flow Control Gate