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Bead Tower System

Powder/Liquid Beading Equipment

By matching the viscosity for injection, it is sprayed through the minute hole and the material is coagulated in marble form due to surface tension self-coagulation. The product made in the form of existing flaker has low quality and dust occurs when handling. It does not flow very well in the automated device. Yet, this device supplements such drawbacks.

  • - BEAD TOWER : beading configuration is made due to product cooling.
  • - CYCLONE : the product made during cooling process goes through first pile up.
  • - BAG FILTER   : small products that were not piled up in the first stag are piled up.
  • - VIBRATION FEEDER : the decided product goes through secondary cooling and is transferred vertically.
  • - SPIRAL FEEDER : the transferred product goes through third cooling and is transferred vertically.
  • - SILO   : save the vertically transferred product.
  • - PACKING MACHINE   : pack the saved product according to the standards.


  • · Very cheap investment
  • · Best quality production and permanent
  • · As tower height and diameter ratio is small, the product does not stick to the wall
  • · Bead production of uniform size (diameter: 0.5~1mm)
  • · 100% unmanned and automated by PC

Applied Area

Wax factory / chemical factory / food factory / milk powder factory / all products that can be produced into a general flaker (resin, maintenance, surfactant)