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Sinsung Plant


Air Pollution Prevention Facility


Industry Ventilation Facility

Even if not specified in the Clean Air Conservation Act, it must be installed if it might receive civil complaints from residents nearby due to odor or if a serious problem occurs after pollutants re-enter the workshop.

Occupation Safety and Health Act
Emit pollutants as much as possible to the outside of the workshop to protect the worker
Clean Air Conservation Act
Decide a permitted standard and make sure it is emitted below the standard for a clean environment

Local Exhaust Facility

  • Local Exhaust System
  • HOOD

    By installing hood near where the harmful materials have occurred, absorb in the state that they have occurred before they are spread and prevents worker being exposed to pollutant gas.

    • - The pollutants are entered into the local exhaust system
    • - Controls the performance of local exhaust system
    • - Controls efficiently the pollutant through minimum flow
    • - Things to consider when designing
    • · Shape, location, exhaust flow
    • · Convenience of work
    • · Breathing area protection of the worker
  • Duct Equipment

    When trying to move pollutants piled up due to hood and diverse pile up devices without being leaked outside, it is used for diverse industrial facilities and is mainly used as equipment to prevent external pollution.

    • - The path where pollutants entered through the hood move within the local exhaust system
    • - Designed so that dust sedimentation is prevented and pressure loss is minimized
    • - Things to consider when installing
    • · Minimum return speed maintained
    • · Possible circular duct used
    • · Pressure loss minimized when connecting confluent pipe
    • · Minimization of facilities such as damper
    • · Limitation of usage of flexible duct

    • - Shape of the Confluent Pipe