About Sinsung Plant

We Cherish People, We Cherish the Environment
Sinsung Plant

  • It is one of phrases on the Charter of WHO(World Health Organization).
    Since the industrial Revolution in the late of 19th century, people have suffered from a new type war which they have not known before, It is the very war againsr pollution.
  • Spite of one of companies founded for commercial profits, we Shinseong Plant which has the management slogan “Mind of respect for life protecting global environment” meaning “We will not let any life in the beautiful land of Korea which should be left to our descents in future be destroyed and suffer from environmental pollution. ‘strive to creates new values for customers with professional and effective management, and seek for public interests with the interested parties by based upon mutual faith and cooperation.
  • All Shinseong Plant’s employees do everthing for their duties with creative and solidary mind and sincere and struggling attitude, and has been building the sound organizational culture respecting and considering the other people. By based upon the mind of respect for life, we will strive to improve global environment and working environment continuously.

Management ideology

  • Faithful and sound company realization
  • Mind of respect for
    life protecting global
  • Solidarity/Sincerity
  • Faithfulness/Effort
  • Practice of faith and
    service mind Creativity
  • Management policy

    • Faithful business based upon technology
    • Progressive attitude and the utmost efforts
    • Quality improvement and post management
  • Quality Principles

    • The achievement of customers' satisfaction with continuous research and development
    • The achievement of customers' satisfaction with thorough ex post facto management
    • The achievement of customers' satisfaction by making all employees know well quality principles
  • Quality Goals

    • Mental armament by thorough craftsmanship
    • Maximization of business operation efficiency through quality-oriented constitution
    • Security of competitive power through research and development